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ZimmInc creates business plans for trailblazers like you

ZimmInc was founded on the idea of helping independent businesses succeed so we do not become a Big Box world.

To accomplish this goal, we leverage 25+ years of corporate and C-level management experience to create your unique business plan, incorporating solutions typically used by large, successful corporations yet often unknown to independent businesses.


The ZimmInc Story:

My name is Jodii Zimmerman, and I founded ZimmInc to help independent business owners thrive, so that we do not become a big box world. As the daughter of independent business owners, I spent many weekends as a child helping – and learning about business – in our family businesses.

One was a women’s retail store started by my great grandparents. My great-grandfather was the tailor and bookkeeper, and my great-grandmother managed the front of the store and helped customers. By the time I was old enough to help out my grandparents were in charge of one store, and my great-aunt and cousin were in charge of the other. They taught me lessons that shaped my business mindset, including the power of marketing and keeping costs low to keep cashflow high. 


Lesson #1:  The power of marketing, and the importance of keeping costs low to keep cashflow high.

Another business I grew up in was a delicatessen, started by another set of grandparents. In my later teen years I worked for my stepdad and uncle, spending many Saturdays behind the busy counter, helping customers choose and delight in the extremely large variety of available sandwiches.


Working at the deli I learned about the importance of long-term customer relationships, providing great customer service, and what it means to have a unique value proposition.

Lesson #2:  The importance of long-term customer relationships, providing great customer service, and what it means to have a unique value proposition.


However, my childhood dream was to wear a suit and work in the corporate world. So, I did.

Over the course of my 25+ corporate career I was fortunate to work in many industries including big brands such as Harley-Davidson Financial Services and HSBC bank, mid-sized companies providing niche life insurance and consumer products, and startup companies in telecom software and renewable energy.


While most people stick to one industry, each of these diverse industries added additional layers to my area of expertise – providing innovative business solutions.

Lesson #3: Working in diverse industries added additional layers to my area of expertise –providing innovative business solutions.

And each time I was promoted I gained more responsibility for the organization’s business plan. Once I became a C-level executive, the majority of my role was about strategic business planning.

Most independent businesses don’t realize that successful companies use their business plan as a guide for their most critical activties, and update it regularly to stay on track. That’s the value of a well-thought-out business plan.

Unfortunately, this knowledge came too late for my family businesses, which could not compete with the influx of chain and big box stores. Today they only live on in my memories.

And that is how ZimmInc started. I didn’t have a chance to help my family’s businesses, but I can help YOUR business!

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"I’m excited about using the new ideas Jodii and I have discussed to grow my business. Jodii’s unique experience in simplifying and guiding the process of developing a business plan helped me clarify my vision, mission and both short and long term goals.

Most importantly Jodii has helped me think about things differently, organize my thoughts, and create a professional business plan so that I now have a clear path to accomplish my business growth goals. Thank you Jodii for your insights, support and for being a wonderful business mentor!"

—  Toby Benton, NBC-HWC, National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach

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